1. I decorated a bottle of Starbucks. The paper is used as a wallpaper in the transparent bottle (it’s kind of a DIY bottle).

  2. This is made for a guy working in Starbucks. The T-shirt is their working uniform, and they can write their own favorite kind of coffee on it. I’m not really good at Gothic, but trust me, I’m working on it. And about the art……Gosh it’s terrible, but I’m working on that, too~~(If you know some good sources about this kinda art, please let me know. Thank you a million times )

    Content:(My favorite is) Extra Cappuccino.

  3. Graduation gift for a sweet girl~

    Content: a poem from Tagore ( I forget the title~)

  4. This is for another friend. As you can see, I use it as my background. Because I really love that paper~ it’s beautiful~

    Content: For Good from Wicked

  5. Graduation gift for a boy in my class. He loves guitar and singing, a very independent guy~

    Content: Waiting In The Weeds by Eagles

  6. omgletterpress:

    (via I still can’t tell which ones are weeds.: Custom calligraphy invitations)

     Magnificent and spectacular~~

    best wishes for them!

  7. Look at the pen and the nib!!!!

    they are gorgeous~~

    (via victorian-mysteries)

  8. This is for my teacher. The song popular was with us in the junior year and it was even one the theme song of our class. We’re gonna be apart  for a long time in the future, so this is a graduation gift for my teacher with my sincerity and gratefulness in it. I love you, my teacher~~

    Content: I Swear by All-4-One



    music instruments and my pens

  10.  I graduated from highschool this summer, and this is my little gifts for my friends. I can’t write perfectly but at least I write sincerely~Hope they’ll like it~

    Content:the Saltwater Room by Owl City

  11. Graduation gift for the top 1 student in my school~she’s really cool~

    Content: I See You by  Mika


  12. Cleaned-up Versions of Darren’s GQ Shoot!